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Join the movement.

Wherever there's toilet paper, there will be period products.

Challenge the norms around period products by transforming every restroom stall in your workspace. This movement is more than just an employee benefit, it's the beginning of a seismic shift in how society views basic human needs.

UNICORN in every stall

Ending The Silent Struggle In Every Stall

It's time to rewrite the rules. In a world where toilet paper is a given, period products should be too. Become the champion in your workplace by making restroom equality a reality. No more quiet, hurried shuffles to desks, discreet requests to colleagues, or uncomfortable anxiety of being unprepared. Ensure your employees have what they need, when they need it, by advocating for equal access in every stall.

Bringing Dignity to Every Stall With Unicorn

Meet Unicorn. It's more than just a mythical creature - it's the revolutionary way of bringing period products to every stall for modern companies.

A touch of Unicorn magic in every stall creates an experience of unparalleled comfort and unwavering confidence. Our solution is made to seamlessly fit in every restroom stall. Installs in 10 seconds or less, no tools required! This is made up of:

  • Unicorn Dispensers: A low cost, low profile dispenser proudly made in the USA with a modern, acrylic design.

  • Period Products: Crafted with organic cotton, plant-based applicators, and ultra-thin pads with wings, our tampons and pads are designed to provide top-tier comfort and care.

Diverse Supplier






Cost Competitive

Price Competitive

A Workplace Revolution

Craft a Superior, Inclusive Workplace Experience

Enhancing ESG Excellence Through Restroom Equality

When you cater to the individual needs of each employee, the entire organization thrives. Our discreet in-stall dispensers ensure that access to essential, high-quality period products is never more than an arm's reach away. Send your employees the message that you care by allowing them to focus on the things that matter most.

Champion Equity & Dignity

By placing dispensers in every stall, Unicorn actively combats the subtle stigmatization associated with period products, promoting inclusivity and dignity. Every employee, regardless of their role or seniority, is guaranteed access to essential products, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment to equality and care.

UNICORN Dispenser

By partnering with Unicorn, companies can proudly showcase they are paving the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and ethically sound corporate future. It's not just about addressing immediate needs or ticking boxes for ESG reporting; it's about setting a precedent that will redefine corporate responsibility and gender equality.

Janitorial-Approved Solutions

Designed with your staff in mind, our dispensers are installed in just 30 seconds, no tools are needed, and they are easy to maintain and refill in seconds. We partner with leading Janitorial Supply companies such as Staples and W.B. Mason and Facilities Supply companies such as CBRE, and JLL to ensure a seamless supply chain management process.

Within Every Stall, A Symbol of Progress

Born from the desire to bring equality to every restroom and to change the conversation around period products, Unicorn is more than just a dispenser—it’s a movement. We're championing a vision where workplaces not only recognize period products as essentials but actively address the needs of all their members. Because dignity isn't an option; it's a right.

With Unicorn, we're turning this vision into reality, one stall at a time.

Trusted by Modern Giants

Scotia Plaza
Coty Inc.

Be On The Right Side Of History

Be part of the movement. Embrace a world where every stall tells a story of care and equity. Isn't it time for an upgrade?

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