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It started with a simple idea:

Period Products in Every Stall.

Our Mission: Make A More Equitable World For Women

Our Story

In 2018, cousins Thyme Sullivan and Denielle Finkelstein walked away from their executive careers to start an organic period product company for their daughters and all women. They discovered the way to solve period poverty is simple: wherever there is toilet paper, there should be period products.


As Seen In



When we learned 1 in 4 women and girls in the US has missed school or work due to their period, we decided to do something about it. We set out to answer: What if period products were simply available in every stall where women need them?

2018 - 2021



TOP the organic project is born and became available direct to consumer and in 2,000+ retail doors. We sold our organic period products in all the traditional channels and donated with every purchase. With the best of intentions we realized we were never going to solve period poverty if we didn’t focus on access. 

The pivot to enterprise sales; the beginning of what is now UNICORN. This is the most important part of our story. It was challenging and scary, but we knew it was right. We strategically paused and spoke with facilities teams across the country to ensure our solution was simple, convenient, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

From the very first UNICORN dispenser we installed, we experienced the overwhelming gratitude from women when you remove this mental load. We instantly knew UNICORN was more than a brand, it is a movement.

Our Community

MaryJane Rogers, JPMorgan Chase Head of Internal Communications

"THIS MADE MY DAY!! Congrats and can't wait to see how this partnership takes off! Thank you for all you're doing for women everywhere!"

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